If you want to know what happened and what America can do because of it, read A Black and White Decision.



Michael Aranda

Division Chief (Retired)

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Larry cuts to the core of the case and to people’s reactions to the verdict. He handles the issues with a cop’s insight and a

minister’s heart.



Wayne Hunt

Chief of Police (Retired)

Bristol, Vermont



On Monday, July 15, 2013 after the weekend verdict was announced,

some of my criminal justice students were boisterous and happy,

saying aloud, “All right!  He was innocent!”


Several students were silent…

Larry Wolf

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Retired

Lead Instructor, Criminal Justice,

University of Antelope Valley, Lancaster, California


Larry challenges police officers and the public to consider changes that he believes can make our system safer and establish a more level playing field. A fantastic read for anyone who has followed the case.



Marco Johnson


University of Antelope Valley



about the book:

about the author:

Larry leads a faculty of criminal justice instructors who have more than 130 years of experience as sworn peace officers. If you want to know what happened in Sanford and why George Zimmerman was acquitted read this book.


The killing of Trayvon Martin has become a national tragedy. In addition to the unnecessary and tragic death of a young black teenager, nearly half of our country and most African Americans believe a grave injustice has occurred.


While most in the minority community are resolute in their dislike of the verdict, a majority in the legal community and most white Americans believe George Zimmerman was innocent. All Americans should be concerned that so many people of color believe this case represents injustice and is another example of how little we value the lives of African American men and boys.


America is a better place when her citizens recognize when people hurt and have suffered injustice. Trayvon Martin will remain a symbol and the question in history is this: "What lessons will be learned and what will his death inspire?" If we take a few small steps in the right direction, we can, as a nation, move closer to living up to the proposition framed by John E. E. Dalberg in 1877: "The most certain test by which we judge wheterh a country is free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities."

A Black and White Decision

by Larry Wolf

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